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The Birthing of a Promise

Forward 40 will highlight the experiences of 40 women of color on the rise in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors.

Forward 40 is an ode to our foremothers, a healing circle of our unique experiences in the nonprofit and social impact space and a reverence of our service for and with our communities across the globe.

This is a platform far greater than the offices, cubicles, co-working spaces and homes that have tested our creative call to serve, our call to impact.



highlighting the experiences of women of color



Our eighTH Guest

Sable B., founder and creator of Real Brown Girls has over 10 years of experience in PK-12 education and program development. Sable has created a community of over 80,000 women, focusing on building vast national networks for professional women of color in order to arm them with the necessary tools to show up full and whole, both personally and professionally. She received her BA in African American Studies and French from Temple University and a MSEd in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

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