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Highlighting experiences of women of color in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors.

This is a platform far greater than the offices, cubicles, co-working spaces and homes that have tested our creative call to serve, our call to impact.

Forward 40 is a platform of inspiration for younger women who are considering this field and also serves as an affirming space for our experiences.

It’s intended to be a space where we can authentically celebrate our resilience, re-ignite our purpose, impart our lessons learned and inspire the next generation of women of color coming up in the sector.


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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
— Sheena Collier


Amber Scott

Amber Scott is Founder and Executive Director of Leap Year. A child of first-generation college students, the importance of higher education and the power that it can have to raise a family out of poverty was instilled in Amber at a young age. She believes that the opportunity for higher education should be open to everyone, regardless of where they are born.

After working in the nonprofit sector for ten years, she founded Leap Year to challenge the status quo. Amber is a 2018 Echoing Green Fellow, a winner of WeWork’s 2017 Incubate Creator Awards, and was recognized by Black Enterprise as one of “25 Black Women Who Are Changing the World.” She holds a BA in neuroscience from Smith College, and an MBA in marketing from The Ohio State University.


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