Forward 40, a program of Faith Forward LLC, values our clients’ privacy and will endeavor to safeguard and keep confidential client information. All subscriber files will be saved and filed in a secure location in order to prevent any data breach that may have an impact on the client. Forward 40’s goal is to provide a platform of shared experiences with excellent service and this includes not selling your personal information to any third party or allowing anyone other than official employees of Faith Forward LLC access to your personal information. Nevertheless, Faith Forward LLC may disclose your personal information, if based upon our good faith belief; such disclosure is required of us by law, governmental request, or court order. In the event that a situation requires us to disclose your personal information, Faith Forward LLC will notify the party by certified mail with a signature requirement. This notification will occur prior to Faith Forward LLC disclosing the client’s personal information if such notification is feasible prior to disclosure and allowable by law.